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AGN Avocats makes law easier:

  • A local service: an office near you
  • A lawyer will call you back within 48 hours to schedule an appointment
  • A consultation at 75 € for individuals, 120 € for professionals
  • Quality services thanks to the common commitments of the AGN network
  • Transparent fees with our packages & detailed quotations

Schedule an appointment at an office/ by phone/ by videocall

OUR LAW FIRM IN Marseille Rome

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AGN Avocats Marseille Rome provides all the services offered within the AGN network.

Ms Sandra Fiorentini

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Ms Catherine Renaud

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Find a lawyer in Marseille

How does it work to consult an AGN lawyer in Marseille?

How to quickly get a lawyer in Marseille ?

The network of AGN offices allows you to schedule an appointment with a lawyer in Marseille within 48 hours. Our lawyers are available, attentive, transparent and of high quality. To quickly make a request for an appointment, schedule an appointment online.

How much does a consultation with a lawyer in Marseille cost?

Throughout the AGN Avocats network, your first appointment with a lawyer is at a fixed price. The consultation with a lawyer in Marseille (or in the whole of France) is 75€ for individuals and 120€ for professionals.

How to choose a lawyer in Marseille?

Several lawyers manage each AGN Avocats office. Each lawyer has different expertise, which may overlap. By choosing AGN Avocats, you make sure that a complete team of lawyers, always adapted to your needs, will accompany you. Whatever the nature of the case you are going to entrust to your AGN lawyer in Marseille, his colleagues will be there to support him. The geographical location of our AGN law firm in Marseille allows us to be close to our clients.
Finally, the fees charged are fixed and identical for each area of law.

How does AGN Avocats Marseille work?

AGN Avocats Marseille, like each AGN office, operates in the following manner:
1. the lawyers in each office are selected by the AGN management team to ensure a high quality of service
2. booking an appointment is easy and quick: you can just do it from this website
3. the price of the first appointment is fixed: 75€ for individuals and 120€ for companies
4. depending on the nature of the case to be handled, you have the possibility of consulting a lawyer who is an expert in each area of law, within the AGN Avocats network

Nos coordonnées

Contact AGN Avocats Marseille Rome

A team of lawyers in Marseille Rome, at your disposal and available

Marseille Rome

125 A Rue de Rome
– 13006 Marseille

+33 (0) 9 72 34 24 72 (Call center)

04 88 00 52 93 (Office)

Monday to Friday 9am-12pm and 2pm-7pm
Saturday by appointment

AGN’s commitments

Committed lawyers at your disposal in Marseille

AGN Avocats makes law easier.



AGN lawyers are close to you, to make law easily accessible for you.


You are informed of AGN lawyers’ fees before any commitment. Our fees are always fixed and all-inclusive.


AGN lawyers are committed to providing you with a high quality service throughout the national territory.


AGN lawyers will make sure to offer you an appointment and to respond to any request within 48 hours.

Nos domaines de compétence

Une réponse juridique spécifique à chaque questionnement

Les domaines de droit proposés par le réseau AGN Avocats aux particuliers et aux professionnels

Family matters & Divorce

In the field of family law, the AGN Avocats network offers you legal assistance at every stage of your family life, married life, children, separation, inheritance.


AGN’s lawyers will assist you at every stage of the employment relationship, from the conclusion of an employment contract to its termination.

Real estate

The AGN Avocats network assists you in the acquisition, rental or sale of a property.


The AGN Avocats network assists individuals as well as businesses with any tax problems or with the optimization of their assets.

Liability & Insurance

Are you victim of an injury that requires compensation? Are you on the receiving end of a lawsuit by someone who suffered a loss? In these circumstances, the AGN Avocats network can assist you.

Contracts & Consumer protection / Distribution

You need help to understand what rights and obligations you committed to while entering into a contract, or perhaps, you need them to be protected and defended? AGN AVOCATS network is there to help you.

Start a business

AGN’s lawyers, who are themselves entrepreneurs, will help you find relevant and centralized information on the legal, tax, social and contractual implications of setting up a business.

Business Law

AGN’s lawyers are at the side of companies and entrepreneurs to accompany them during all the stages of their development, from creation to the completion of their projects.

Advice from a lawyer within 48 hours

In Marseille, AGN Avocats makes law easier