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Civil servants: How can you obtain additional compensation if you are the victim of a work-related accident or illness?

During your career in the civil service, you have suffered a work-related accident or contracted an occupational disease. You are entitled to additional compensation.

Civil servant and accident at work: how to obtain additional compensation? If you are a civil servant who has suffered an occupational disease, you may be entitled to additional compensation! How and when can you obtain additional compensation as a civil servant?

Civil servants are often unaware that, in addition to the temporary disability allowance – which not all of them are entitled to – they are also entitled to compensation for various other losses.

In concrete terms, the judge will set a sum of money that the administration will have to pay the civil servant to compensate for his or her losses.

Who is entitled to compensation?

To qualify for this additional compensation, you must be a civil servant in one of the three public services (State, local authority or hospital).

The accident or illness must have been recognized as attributable to the service by the administration.

This possibility of additional compensation is available to civil servants who, while still in active service, receive a temporary disability allowance.

The fact that the civil servant does not meet the conditions required to obtain an annuity or a temporary disability allowance does not prevent him/her from being entitled to this compensation either.

It should be noted that the courts have recently recognized the right of volunteer firefighters to additional compensation, even though they are not civil servants.

Once the damage suffered by the firefighter has been established, compensation is automatic.

What losses are eligible for compensation?

Civil servants are entitled to compensation for:

  • physical or mental suffering,
  • cosmetic damage (e.g. scars),
  • loss of enjoyment linked to the impossibility of continuing to practice a sporting or leisure activity,
  • financial damage caused by the situation (professional impact in particular).

The greater the damage suffered, the higher the amount of compensation.

How long does it take to claim compensation?

Civil servants may claim compensation for their losses within four years, starting on the first day of the year following the year in which their state of health was consolidated. If the accident or illness suffered by the civil servant dates back a little, all is not lost.

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