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Which country are you tax resident in?

The assessment of the notions of “tax domicile” and “tax resident” is based on an analysis of factual criteria.

Being a French tax “resident” or “non-resident” (or having or not having your ” tax domicile ” in France) will determine the extent of your tax obligations in France.

What questions should you ask yourself to determine your tax domicile or residence?

Marital status

– Are you married, in a civil partnership or simply cohabiting?

– Have you signed a marriage contract?

– Do you have any children?

– If so, in which country do they attend school?

Housing situation

– In which country do you rent or own a property in which you usually live?

– Do you have water/electricity/internet subscriptions at this address?

– Do you own any property from which you earn rent?

– Do you own a second home?

Professional situation

– What is the country of residence of your employer?

– What is the country of residence of your customers?

– Are you a majority shareholder in a company, and if so, what is the company’s country of establishment?

Personal situation

– In which country have you taken out a cell phone subscription?

– In which country have you subscribed to a sports club?

– Have you made arrangements for burial in any country?

– In which country have you received medical treatment?

Geographical location

– Which countries did you visit during the calendar year?

– Did you stay in any country for more than 183 days in total?

Only an in-depth analysis of the answers to these questions and of your personal situation will enable us to advise you on the assessment of your tax residence and the best practices to follow in order to secure your tax situation. Our lawyers are at your disposal to answer all your questions and advise you. Our meetings can be held in person or by videoconference. You can book an appointment directly online at


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