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In which cases should I consider a divorce by mutual consent?

Are you planning to get a divorce ? Is divorce by mutual consent the right solution for you ?

Reasons to do an amicable divorce (by mutual consent)?

Since 2017, divorce by mutual consent is done out of court.

You and your spouse agree to divorce

Divorce by mutual consent requires that you agree with your spouse on the principle and on the consequences of the divorce. If you manage to reach an agreement with your spouse, on the amount of the compensatory allowance or on the amount of the alimony, you can easily divorce by mutual consent.

Do not hesitate to use the AGN lawyer calculators, which allow you to estimate the amount of the compensatory allowance and the alimony free of charge.

You do not share any real-estate patrimony with your spouse

If you do not have any real-estate patrimony in common to share at the time of your separation, we advise you to divorce by mutual consent. Indeed, the division of the spouses’ real estate patrimony is often a point of contention that requires the judge to take a position.

Of course, you can easily resort to divorce by mutual consent even if there is a common patrimony. All you have to do is to find an agreement on the division of property, which will be written down in the divorce agreement.

You do not have children

Child custody and support payments are often a major source of disagreement during a separation. If you do not have children, you can easily agree on the consequences of your divorce.

If you agree on who will have custody of the children, and on the amount of child support to be paid, you can write this agreement into the divorce agreement, and proceed with a divorce by mutual consent.

You are looking for a quick divorce

The duration of the procedure of divorce by mutual consent without a judge is about 2 months, whereas contentious divorce procedures usually last more than a year.

You wish to limit the costs of your divorce as much as possible.

The divorce by mutual consent at AGN Avocats is only 990 euros all inclusive.

Contrary to divorce for fault or divorce for alteration of the marital bond, divorce by mutual consent is much faster and only requires the drafting of a divorce agreement without going before a judge.

Do you want a simple, quick, inexpensive and well thought-out divorce? Choose divorce by mutual consent. Use the online divorce procedure, you can fill in the required information from home, make the payment online, meet with your lawyer who will accompany you and benefit from the experience of the AGN Avocats network for €990.

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