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How can I finance the creation of my business with my unemployment benefit?

Are you unemployed but want to set up a business? Are you short of funds to get your business off the ground? Apply to receive your unemployment benefit in 2 instalments, and you’ll get a substantial capital sum for your new business.

Unemployment benefit and starting a business

How can I get all my unemployment benefit in one payment?

If you want to set up a new business and need money, you can ask Pôle emploi to pay your unemployment benefit in 2 instalments.

This will give you the capital you need to set up your business. This assistance is called ” Help for the takeover or creation of a business ” (ARCE), and is granted to you if you are the business owner or creator.

You can therefore benefit from this assistance if you are receiving unemployment benefit and wish to take over or create a business.

How do I apply to receive assistance in taking over or starting up a business?

You must inform Pôle emploi of your business start-up or takeover project. To do so, you need to fill out an application form.

To receive your unemployment benefit when you start your business, you need to submit to Pôle emploi a certificate of eligibility for the Accre scheme, issued by the RSI (Régime Social des Indépendants) or the Urssaf.

How much lump-sum unemployment benefit do I get?

The lump-sum payment is equal to 45% of the gross amount of your remaining unemployment benefit entitlement either on the day you start or take over your business or, if later, on the date you obtain the Accre.


You are unemployed and receive a daily unemployment benefit of 40 euros, the duration of your entitlement is 730 days.

The first month you receive unemployment benefit.

After one month’s unemployment, you decide to set up your own business. At this date, you still have 699 days of entitlement remaining (730 days – 31 days).

You will receive €12,582 to set up your business, i.e. (€40 x 699) x 0.45.

Your unemployment benefit paid in just 2 instalments. The aid is paid in 2 equal instalments.

  • The 1st payment is made at the earliest on the date on which you meet all the conditions for receiving assistance and are no longer on the list of jobseekers.
  • The 2nd instalment is paid 6 months after the date on which you set up or take over the business, provided you can prove that you are still working for the company.

You’re unemployed but want to set up a business? Benefit from a 2-instalment payment of your unemployment benefit, so you can set up your own business with start-up capital.

To set up your own business or company, get in touch with an AGN network lawyer in your area. You’ll receive advice on setting up your business at a branch office, for a fee of 200 euros, and you’ll have a solid legal foundation on which to build your business.

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