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The usefulness of a social audit in times of crisis!

Against a backdrop of unprecedented crises, the complexity of labor law and the increasing financial and criminal risks incurred by companies, a social legal audit is more useful than ever.

In fact, such an audit serves a dual purpose:

  • security, as it aims to identify and reduce the risks associated with non-compliance with the numerous legislative and regulatory provisions in force;
  • performance, as it aims to improve human resources management, in particular by controlling social costs.

By implementing corrective measures, the social audit also helps to improve the company’s strategic choices and image.

In practice, the following themes are usually analyzed as part of a social audit, leading to the carrying out of diagnostics:

  • individual contractual relations with staff ;
  • compliance with workplace health and safety regulations ;
  • collective aspects of work (staff representation, collective bargaining, existing agreements, etc.);
  • pricing of occupational accidents and illnesses.

Where necessary, pre-litigation and/or litigation measures can be rapidly implemented to reduce the rate of occupational accident and illness contributions, or to avoid the risk of URSSSAF inspections (e.g. in relation to personnel costs, concealed work or employee savings schemes), in order to generate significant savings.

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